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    Treatment Back pain

    Back pain is one of the most complex and frequent problems in the modern medicine, particularly neurology, neurosurgery, orthoepy and vertebrology. This syndrome reduces significantly the quality of life as one is not able to move properly. It is widely spread and nowadays back pain affects not only older people but younger generations as well. One third of the painful health conditions is connected with pathology of the spine, joints or nerves. Our orthopedic center Touch of Health in Orlando offers different measures to relieve the pain including lower and upper back treatment.

    What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

    Our back care specialists and chiropractors in Orlando determine the source of back pain efficiently at any time. Below you can read the most frequent causes:


    • inflammation;
    • arthritis;
    • stress;
    • fibromyalgia;
    • damaged spine disks;
    • strained muscles and tendons;
    • osteoporosis;
    • muscle tension.


    Everyday activities and incorrect posture can also lead to back pain. We strongly advise you to take care of your health and not to postpone the diagnostics and back treatment in Orlando, Florida.

    What Are The Most Common Afflictions Of The Back?

    Back pain is, basically, irritation and suppression of the spinal cord root. The malfunction of the nerves happens due to pathological changes in the spine. Back pain of this nature requires immediate identification of the cause and initiation of back pain treatment.


    Frequently, patients with the illnesses of the degenerative-dystrophic group suffer from acute pain sensations. They are such disorders as:


    • Protrusion;
    • Osteochondrosis;
    • Spondyloarthrosis;
    • Spondylosis;
    • Intervertebral hernia.


    Spasm of the spinal muscle plays an equally important role. Due to the prevailing discomfort, the muscles are instantly blocked, become immobile. This ailment is called radiculitis.


    Touch of Health provides back pain treatment for all the conditions. We have many years of practice in handling the following medical cases:


    • injured disks,
    • osteoporosis,
    • sciatica,
    • degenerative disk illness,
    • stress fractures,
    • scoliosis and kyphosis,
    • spinal tumors,
    • chiropractic care,
    • stenosis.


    No issue is too difficult for the back care specialists in Orlando, FL. We are ready to provide professional medical care including back surgery as well.

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Such surgery of the back has one main goal: to stabilize the vertebral bones as well as the vertebral joints in order to relieve pressure on the nerves of the spine. Such back pain treatment is faster and safer than open spine surgery and has a shorter recovery time. Among all surgical methods for treating back diseases, it has such advantages as less bleeding during surgery, a lower chance of muscle damage because there is no need to cut them during surgery. Furthermore, rehabilitation and recovery process does not take much time, and also the chances of infection and postoperative back pain are quite low.


    We offer the following treatment in Touch of Health center:


    • Lumbar disk endoprosthetics;
    • Kyphoplasty;
    • Synovial cyst resection;
    • Spinal cord simulator implantation;
    • Vertebral arthrodesis;
    • Spinal instrumentation.

    Back Surgery

    Open back surgeries are quite risky and have many more consequences than mini-invasive treatment. The main difficulty of most open operations with resection of bone structures is that after the removal of parts of the vertebrae, the spinal column is not stable anymore: the overlying vertebrae no longer have anything to rely on. To correct the situation, transpedicular fixators are placed – from 4 to 6 screws are tightened to support the spine in the correct position. 


    Full recovery after procedures of this kind takes 4-6 months, the patient cannot sit for a long time and can hardly move, needs rehabilitation with the help of physiotherapy, massage and medicaments.

    What Non-Surgical Treatment Do We Offer?

    We choose the latest modern and most effective methods to deal with the consequences of back injuries. The center Touch of Health provides lower and upper back treatment for the people of any age. Our services include:

    • steroid injections;
    • back braces;
    • muscle relaxants;
    • physical therapy;
    • program;
    • ostheopathic manipulatives.


    In order to have a healthy strong back we recommend healthy nutrition, core strengthening exercises and avoidance of the strenuous labor.


    Touch of Health, the orthopedic center near you, has a vast experience in the field of back injuries. We provide the required diagnostics and treatment for the case of any complexity, because our chiropractors are qualified specialists.  We provide the best medical care in Orlando. Chiropractic care in Orlando is one of the most effective treatments sudden or chronic back pain.

    How Can I Prevent Back Pain?

    We can give a few advices how to prevent pain and any dangerous conditions, and also to keep the whole core healthy:


    • Try to control your posture at any time of the day.
    • Take breaks from monotonous routines, switch your position and do a simple warm-up every hour if you spend a lot of time during the day sitting.
    • More physical activity will keep you fit and strong. There is a lot of applications that can help you to follow the levels of your activity.
    • In the morning, do some simple exercises for 10-15 minutes. Such routine normalizes blood pressure, as well as improves blood and lymph circulation in the body.


    Our center is located near these locations:


    Pine hills, Downtown, Winter garden, Metrowest, Altamonte, Apopka, Ocoee, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, Belle isle, Pine castle, Edgewood , Baldwin Park, College park, Millenia, Winter park, Goldenrod, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Casselberry, Azalea, Oviedo, Lake Mary.


    Complete a full foot examination at our center and get a prognosis for your recovery.
    Our specialists help you to recover much faster.


    My mom had her wrist broken and was in so much pain, I was very worried. So I took her to the doctor at Neo Medical Group at once. He examined her hand, and told us that the best solution for an injury now is Joint Reconstruction. The price of this treatment is surprisingly low, and they took good care of my mom there. She feels great and is thankful to your professional doctors.

    Wonderful doctor Curtis L. Beauregard. Clearly explains what he can do to improve function and what cannot be done. Easy manner, listens well.

    Dr. Tyrance took amazing care of my knee, which was my second operation on this knee. We spoke about treatment plan, my goals and what it would take to get there. I would not be enjoying the quality of life I enjoy today, if not for this caring and skillful surgeon! Thank you Dr. Tyrance!

    I was treated like a human and not just shuffled thru like most other places. I appreciate the staff greatly. My respects to Dr. Beauregard.

    Dr. Patrick Tyrance is awesome! He is caring, patient and honest! He has impacted my life in many ways since I’ve met him. I went in for a PRP injection and the procedure has changed my life. His staff was very welcoming, respectful, and made me feel comfortable. I am truly grateful for Dr. Tyrance along with his staff!

    For the last 5 years I had been suffering from acute pain in the elbow. My grandson decided to take me to the trusted doctor to check if it is an injury or what exactly. In Neo Medical Group, they told me that due to my age I have a severe condition which needs to be treated with Arthroscopic Debridgement of the Elbow. And this treatment really helped, I never felt better.

    Great Facility!! Amazing staff!! Won’t be disappointed

    Our doctors

    Curtis L. Beauregard, M.D.

    Board Certified Neurosurgeon
    Wesleyan University, University of Kansas School of Medicine, University of Florida, Dartmouth Institute

    Dr. Beauregard approaches each patient’s unique problems with an individualized plan to optimize recovery and surgical outcomes. His mission is to provide patients with compassionate and comprehensive care focused on developing a treatment strategy to meet the patient’s specific goals and lifestyle.

    Dorrance Lewis J.

    Lewis J. Dorrance's life journey took him from the vibrant landscapes of Nairobi, Kenya, to an overseas upbringing until his teenage years, when the United States became his new home.

    His academic pursuits led him to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where he immersed himself in English and art before delving into the world of healthcare at Duke University.

    Barry E. Schapiro, M.D.

    Dr. Schapiro utilizes advanced cartilage and joint preserving techniques and minimally invasive procedures to get men and women back to the active lifestyle hat they enjoy.

    He has extensive training in orthopaedic traumatology and management of extremity trauma and fractures as well as additional training in cartilage preserving procedures such as platelet rich plasma gel techniques and harvesting of adult autologous stem cells to treat a multitude of orthopaedic conditions.

    Richard Valenzuela, M.D.

    Richard Valenzuela, M.D. is a fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Sports Medicine. Dr. Valenzuela’s practice focuses on the treatment of shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle injuries resulting from trauma, sport related injuries, and degenerative conditions.

    Dr. Valenzuela is committed to outstanding clinical care and strives to provide the most advanced operative and non-operative treatment of injury related orthopedic and sports medicine conditions with an emphasis on elimination of pain, joint preservation, and restoration of function to safely allow patients to return to daily activities as soon as possible.

    Dominick M. Caracciolo

    Dominick M. Caracciolo, MPAS, PA-C, is a highly skilled and knowledgeable physician assistant with a specialized focus in spinal surgery. His academic journey began at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, New York, where he earned an Associate of Arts in 1993. Caracciolo then continued his education at Saint John’s University in Hillcrest, New York, where he achieved a Bachelor of Science in 1997.

    Throughout his career, Caracciolo has been an active member of prestigious professional organizations, including the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the Florida Academy of Physician Assistants.


    Car accidents are often the cause of various injuries. After such, a patient undergoes a specific course of auto accident injury treatment, followed by a recovery program in our clinic Touch of Health to ensure speedy recovery. We specialize in providing medical care for such conditions as:

    • Whiplash
    • Spinal and extremity injuries;
    • Musculoskeletal system traumas;

    Multiple traumas can result in chronic pain in the Spine after an accident, sharp and shooting pain in your neck, back, extremities and joints, muscle atrophy, decreased immunity, general weakness. We choose the most efficient program to help the patient to recover even from the most critical conditions such as a Spine injury after an accident. Our medical staff has proven its expertise and qualification over the years in car injury treatment. Touch of Health is well-known for its high standards and impressive reputation among the medical specialists and patients.